I started working on the Internet in 1995 opening a web design business, Premier Internet Corporation, in Santa Monica, CA. This was one of the very first commercial web design companies in the world, our domain name was registered in February 1996. Amazon and eBay registered in 1995, and Google in 1996.

In the beginning, when the number of domains in the whole world was in the thousands, I was trying to create a living by telling businesses they needed a "WWW" in front of their name and a presence on the World Wide Web. This, I was telling them, was the way of the future. I was received with as much enthusiasm and scepticism as if I were trying to convince them to join the flat earth society.

But not all was bad, and some were convinced. Over the next few years over 100 websites were created and as the Internet began to take hold we went from charging $500 for a simple 1-3 page website to getting up to $2,000 for the same thing and up to $75,000 for bigger websites.

It became apparent to me that there was a need for people to be able to post news or messages on their websites without the use of their web design team. To this end I started to work with Java programming and created one of the very first Java Applets that enabled the user to type in a broadcast message and it would appear on the website. It won many awards, "JARS best applet of the year", and was licensed by over 20 Fortune 100 companies and several US Government agencies. In 1999 in the boom I sold the company well and moved to Australia.

My interest in developing different and better ways of doing things on the web continued. I co-founded which was a wonderful learning exercise in on line marketing, I will never forget the excitement, surprise and wonderment that 13 minutes after the website went live we had the first sale. The business was good and profitable but troubled by logistics so we closed it in 2005.

16 years ago, in 2006 I started Sail Shade World (SSW) which took a totally new and innovative way to market custom made shade sails online to the whole world. This company has been profitable from its inception and continues to grow exponentially and is now the largest manufacturer of custom made shade sails in the world.

I now work for SSW as a consultant responsible for customer liason and all things web related.

The success of SSW can be attributed to excellent product, service and delivery, but behind that is some very sophistcated inernet technology developed by myself.

  • Enabling multilingual technology so websites function in 7 languages.
  • Inventing complex algorithms for the instant online quotation systems.
  • Designing sophisticated geolocating to determine language and currency.
  • Creating proprietary technology to spontaneously calculate delivery costs and price of a product to provide a delivery included price.

    Of great importance is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In all searches that are relevent to SSW products the SSW websites are featured on page one of Google and Bing in many countries. Many SEO businesses will promise you page one of Google but very few can truly deliver. Appearing number 6 on the first page of Google (from about 48.500.000 results) is very significant - and I know how to do it! Rather than tell you I will show you if you click   HERE!

    I am available to consult on SEO. I am only available by appointment. You can   EMAIL   me for my rates and to arrange a call back for an appointment.

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